Avison Young is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Devencore Investments Inc. and all its subsidiaries (which conduct commercial real estate services business in the Greater Montreal Region) together with the Devencore name and all trademarks. Devencore licensees in other markets will continue to operate under the Devencore name for a limited period of time in order to plan for a proper transition. Click here to read the press release.

Devencore licensees are uniting Coast to Coast under one name and a fresh look. Stay tuned for the announcement.

After Covid-19 - How to plan for a return to the office

A practical guide to plan for a physical return to work



The confinement period that we are going through is very demanding for almost everybody. Employees and managers left their offices and improvised a work area at home, which has brought its share of challenges, both on a personal level (being alone or with family at all times) and on a technological level. Each challenge, whether professional or personal, always allows us to learn from the experience and review our internal processes in order to improve.

The purpose of this publication is to give you guidelines and solutions to set up a planned and organized return to work program. Behind this guide is also a much more strategic reflection: what is your company's real estate business plan before versus after the pandemic?



The purpose of this publication is to give you guidelines and solutions to set up a planned and organized return to work program. Behind this guide is also a much more strategic reflection: what is your company's real estate business plan before versus after the pandemic?




Click here to consult our complete guide
to plan your return to work


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