The Office of Tomorrow: Reimagine or Relocate?

Posted : January 15, 2019

The 2018 office market demonstrated robust growth, characterized by continued demand for space, healthy activity from occupiers, increased rents, and a wave of new supply that gave tenants increased leverage and flexibility. In addition, there continued to be a heightened demand for companies to reevaluate their space needs to ensure they will support their future workforce. Yet, despite business growth and an ongoing war for top talent, companies are becoming more reluctant to move or take on additional office space, until they are sure that their current office no longer supports their growth or function. If you are contemplating signing a commercial office lease that will extend beyond the next five to seven years, and are anticipating uncertainty in the real estate market, the question you might be asking is: “Should we stay, or should we go?”

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The Office of Tomorrow: Reimagine or Relocate?
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