Our unique competencies

Our commitment is to provide customized services to our clients and to be acutely sensitive to their corporate objectives, long-term visions, challenges and cultures.

To meet this commitment, we have assembled a team of highly motivated individuals encompassing a wide range of talents. The Devencore team is also capable of acting in a multilingual environment, which is client service driven, yet sensitive to the human elements necessary to build and foster strong client relationships.

Our people are skilled, passionate, and client-focused. And we believe we can make a difference. We conduct client surveys as a method to measure client satisfaction and to improve our service delivery models.

Our strength lies in our ability to understand the objectives of our clients, and to provide creative, effective and efficient solutions. We believe in using every resource at our disposal to serve our clients and address their particular requirements. Further, all of our services are developed and delivered with the objective of improving our clients' work environments.

Our national reputation of being a professional, unbiased firm has allowed us to form respectful relationships with the owners, developers and landlords. It is through these relationships that we gain the knowledge of each landlord's thought process and financial capacity. This insightful information enables us to negotiate the most optimal leasing terms and conditions for our clients. Throughout the years, we have developed a strategic approach and an effective implementation process that have become unparalleled in the industry.

Other Devencore's competitive advantages relate to its strategic direction and priorities. We strive to be recognized by our clients for:

  • Market knowledge and objective evaluation

  • Unbiased recommendations

  • Integrity, dedication and objectivity

  • Strategic and financial skills

  • Creativity and value added with respect to a real estate transaction

  • Seamless transactions across its business base

  • Rigorous execution

  • Advice and judgment consistent with good corporate governance practices

  • Credibility for sound decision making at the most senior executive levels

  • Real estate strategies and solutions designed exclusively for one client at a time

  • Knowing that our expertise is sought by some of the largest firms in the country

  • Providing objective advice that will guide the decision maker with confidence

  • A variety of custom-designed professional tools

Devencore's national footprint and extended service offering has enabled it to meet a whole spectrum of client requirements both at home and internationally. Our clients value the market knowledge as well as the processes and tools we bring to assist in optimizing their real estate asset portfolio.

Our commitment is to continue examining and researching the interrelationship between people, technology and the workplace. Devencore's value added to the organization of the future shall be its ability to understand market changes and organizational objectives integrated into workplace strategies.

We shall remain committed at being innovators in Strategic Negotiation, Lease Management, Advisory, Financial and Project Management services. To do so, we are committed to develop, research, partner and initiate evolving and new concepts in corporate services to the benefit of our clientele. We believe it is this philosophy that will continue to successfully lead the organization throughout the 21st century and differentiate it from our competitors.

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