Legal Services

Devencore's Legal Services* are closely aligned with and complement the whole range of Devencore’s extensive real estate service offering and advisory solutions.

We offer legal advice and transactional representation to Devencore clients related to commercial and corporate real estate transactions, including acquisitions and dispositions, financing, development and leasing across Canada.

We advise and counsel businesses with respect to the numerous legal concerns inherent to real estate transactions and other related commercial interests.

More specifically, we provide assistance to our clients with a variety of their real estate requirements, ranging from counsel and advice to structuring, drafting, reviewing, negotiating and implementing legal documentation, notably with respect to the following matters:

  • Leasing of all classes of real estate, including office, retail and industrial properties
  • Purchase and sale of all types of real estate assets, including office, retail, hotel, industrial, multi-occupancy residential, recreational and development properties
  • Purchase and sale of businesses which include substantial real estate assets
  • Financing, short to long-term, and other loans and hypothecs and other security interests
  • Simple to complex real estate ownership structures, including joint ventures, partnership and shareholder arrangements

Closely aligned with Devencore’s brokerage and consultancy, our team of legal professionals has comprehensive knowledge and experience of the various markets in which our clients conduct transactions. We are aware of the markets’ realities & trends. We understand the thought process of the various real estate professionals, such as owners, managers, developers, designers, architects, engineers, etc. This enables us to provide our clients with unrivalled expertise. Indeed, our unique market insight, which we share with our clients, allows us to ensure that our clients’ legal concerns are properly addressed in light of the specific context of their transaction.

We counsel and serve a diverse clientele composed of small and medium enterprises, financial institutions and large corporations, which operate in various domains.

Devencore's Legal Services Advantage

The advantage of Devencore is that we are involved from the inception of the deal, and therefore we have a unique and precise grasp of the legal and business concerns and complexities which allows us to deliver effective advice and services.

* Notice: Our legal services are rendered by Devencore Legal Services Ltd. which is a legal advisory firm affiliated with Devencore Ltd. Both entities are Canadian corporations incorporated under the laws of Canada.

Purchasing & Selling
Business transfers which include substantial real estate assets
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