Strategic Planning and Advanced Strategies

Our experience and knowledge in developing a global strategic plan allows us to assist our clients in understanding the function and the impact of real estate on their operations. We understand the dynamics of the market place, allowing us to quickly assess and recommend an effective course of action. We also counsel leaders of organizations and their board of directors to appreciate and recommend real estate plans and develop global strategies.

Devencore is recognized for its objective advice and sound decision making at the most senior levels. We can support executives in the following areas:

  • The transition of a business direction into real estate strategies

  • The identification and the analysis of strategic information

  • The development of an executive roadmap to ensure objectives are met

  • The development of an executive dashboard to monitor and evaluate results

Once a global plan is approved, Devencore can also assist its clients in developing various advanced strategies and real estate models. These ensure our clients are most competitive and develop best practices in the corporate real estate world.

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